AFL-CIO sponsors "Tell Us The Truth" concert tour…

[The American labor movement has been, and in a large sense, still is, the last vestige of organized and institutionalized opposition to the status quo in American politics – the only one with the resources to really make things happen on a large scale… it is great that they’re funding this tour. Progressives have, and have always had, a huge advantage over right-wingers on the cultural front… it is one that they’ve really failed to take advantage of effectively. This is a good sign, I hope to see more of it. And note how well Morello was able to stay “on message” even when challenged on the reasons for attacking globalisation. Good work. Of course, this item appears to have only made it into “print” on the web…]

Raging Against the Machine

Lefty rockers like Tom Morello join forces and hit the road in an antiestablishment tour sponsored by the AFL-CIO

By Brian Braiker


Nov. 26 — Iconoclastic rockers Billy Bragg, Steve Earle and friends recently wound down the first month-long leg of a group tour at the unlikeliest of venues: the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the AFL-CIO. Unlikely, that is, if this were your run-of-the-mill pop concert. But in an era of mega-tours organized and sponsored by soft drink and SUV-makers, the labor-backed “Tell us the Truth” tour is the unlikeliest of shows.


Thomas Leavitt