Afghanistan’s Chief Justice: stone adulterers to death, ban cable-tv, close co-ed schools

Juan Cole reports on the Bush Regime’s judicial appointments elsewhere

“Co-education violates Islamic injunctions and social morality.”

“Cable tv undermines social morality and the people of Afghanistan oppose it.”

This are direct quotes from media interviews with Afghanistan’s Chief Justice, Fazil Hadi Shinwari (the head of their Supreme Court). Nice, eh? Real high quality democracy we’ve got going there, American style human rights are clearly high on the agenda… NOT. With this as an example, whadda ya think we’re going to wind up with in Iraq?

3 thoughts on “Afghanistan’s Chief Justice: stone adulterers to death, ban cable-tv, close co-ed schools

  1. Mr Karzai, who is still seen as some sort of great democrat in the West, has done quite a few “great” moves like this. Many posts in the Afghan administration have been filled by former Taliban – Mr Shinwari is not better than them. The Taliban know, that all they have to do is to shave off their f*ing beard and that will be seen as proof that they are freedom loving, equal rights promoting democrats ; unfortunately we have seen again and again in Afghanistan that the last thing you can do with these Taliban types is trust them. Taliban members/commanders have kept changing sides based on their own personal gain. They kept making promises and truces and breaking them again. Most of my family is still in Afghanistan, I ve always had first hand information from there.

  2. Can you say INCOMPETENCE, this administration is a sick joke. I’m very nervous over the happenings in the middle east. Iraq,Iran,Afghanastan,Syria and who else over there are getting very ticked off at us Americans, we as a nation are losing whatever control that we had and I feel this is going to erupt into an extremely volitile situation.
    Do you feel safer now? I sure don’t.

  3. Incompetence seems to be the slogan of this US administration, but unfortunately the incompetence when it comes to informing the American people about current events, backgrounds and connections seems to be on the US media side. The PR machine of this administration is very strong, and it seems non journalists dare to actually stick their noses too deep in or ask uncomfortable questions. When this Scott McClellan guy keeps dodging questions again, why doesn’t the whole press corps leave the room and not come back until that guy actually answers questions? Are they so afraid of Karl Rove and his little helpers?

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