I was wondering why we never hear any news from Afghanistan, so I went to Google News, and found this:

A new threat of Taliban attacks in southern Afghanistan

The fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Omar is reported to have approved a new deputy military commander for southern Afghanistan.

A Taliban official says the leader has ordered the commander to intensify guerrilla attacks on international and government forces.

The announcement follows stepped-up activity by suspected Taliban guerrillas in southern Afghanistan which saw nine soldiers of the 11,500-strong U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan wounded in several attacks last weekend.

Mullah Abdul Samad, an intelligence officer in the hardline Taliban regime revealed the new strategy to Reuters newsagency.

He was speaking by satellite phone from an undisclosed location.

The location of the Mullah Omar remains unknown more than 18 months since the Taliban were forced out of Afghanistan.

Oh, I guess that’s why we never hear any news from Afghanistan. No news is good news.

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