Affordability in Health Care Reform

A big problem with the new health care plans is “affordability.” The government is going to “mandate” that we buy a shitty product from the big insurance companies.
So how will people pay for the health care they are ordered by the government to buy? The current idea is to “subsidize” part of the bill for people making up to some multiple of the poverty level. This turns it into “welfare” instead of government-for-all, especially when the word “poverty” is applied. Why do people who make less than a certain amount have some right to health care that the rest of us do not? This is a sure-fire formula for resentment.
Also the proposed welfare subsidies are way too low. Even with the subsidies you will still have to pay huge amounts, and if your income is $1 more than that you have to pay a huge, huge amount.
This is a disaster in the making.