Ads for Arnold

It’s only March and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is running Schwartzenegger campaign ads in California. I’m seeing them all the time. You can watch one here.
What is the legality of the Chamber running campaign ads? Are they just assuming that since Republicans control everything no one will do anything about it?

2 thoughts on “Ads for Arnold

  1. ctate – I don’t think DJ thinks that the US CoC is a government group. It’s more a question of whether the CoC (or more precisely, its affiliated PAC, I suspect, since the CoC itself is probably a 501(c)(6) organization with a restricted ability to do explicitly political work) can run campaign ads in favor of a candidate.
    I haven’t looked at the CA campaign finance regulations in several months (and I never looked hard at this question), but I think that they can, as long as it qualifies as a independent (i.e., not coordinated) expenditure. They will of course have to report the expenditure, and they will have limits on the contributions that they can take in under CA finance law, but I suspect it’s legal.

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