Actually Opposing Something Bush Did?

JustOneMinute is all superior, because the cult is actually complaining about something Bush did. I say give it a few days – the cult leaders are working on it. Limbaugh is saying it’s all just Dems being racists, and they’re trying the “Bush didn’t know” defense, etc. So does the veil lift? Of course not:

I think our initial knee-jerk response on this (mine included) was wrong.

5 thoughts on “Actually Opposing Something Bush Did?

  1. I don’t think you had a knee-jerk response to this Dave.
    Here is what I see on this issue if we go thru with this sale it’s going to open up the uae for corporate markets, which I guess is good for those in power. But what about the American worker?
    We have exploited India and they will be asking for higher wages and contracts, so we go to the uae and do the same? Outsource more jobs? Is this part of a trade deal that I’m not aware of?
    I really would like to believe that Bush has my better interests in mind, but deep down inside of me I don’t. This is not a con/lib thing this is an American thing.
    I’m not worried all that much about security we do have a handle on that. It’s all about opening new markets for the corporate world to exploit at our expense.

  2. JustOneMinute is all superior
    Maybe the most insightful lead I have ever read.
    Later, someone can explain The Cult versus Harriet Miers.
    Thanks for the plug.

  3. Limbaugh and a few others are still on message.
    The conservative issues on which the rabid cultists will break with Bush do not include fiscal management, graft and fraud, conduct of the war in Iraq, or civil liberties. They do include race and sex (the “cultural questions”).
    Yeah, Tom, I’m uncomfortable agreeing with the raving bigots on something, but beggars can’t be choosers. I agree with Bob Barr on a few things too, alas. I need all the friends I can get.
    If what Greenwald said is truer of the past than it is of the future, that’s a wonderful thing. I love to be wrong like that.

  4. As Rove’s fax machine gets going they will all come around..probably by Thursday and Glenn will be proven correct …yet again

  5. Goldberg is a fruit who has turned the language of the debate to cloak the real issues. Example:
    ” For five years, liberals have been saying that Bush is an obsessed madman when it comes to the terror threat.”
    No, we have been saying that he is obsessed with the power grab he gets by bringing up an overinflated threat.
    Before anybody uses this instance to prove that the threat is real, let me remind you that there is a big difference between being fearful and being foolish.

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