Activist Liberal Judge Bans Christmas!

You’re just not going to believe this one! Activist Judge Cancels Christmas,

WASHINGTON, DC—In a sudden and unexpected blow to the Americans working to protect the holiday, liberal U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt ruled the private celebration of Christmas unconstitutional Monday.

Something has to be done!

4 thoughts on “Activist Liberal Judge Bans Christmas!

  1. Wonderful! I love The Onion. I never suspected that the (Roman Catholic) Kennedy family is now being called Jewish, though.

  2. That actually happens. There was one thing a year or so ago when a right wing organization used something from the Onion in a findraising piece… My guess is they felt relieved that they found that so they didn’t have to just make something up…

  3. What are the odds that some right winger has never read the Onion before and believes this?
    Happens every day. Really. There’re tons of examples, but I’m too lazy to do the googling.

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