Accusing Others

The STF Rule: when right-wingers accuse others, it usually means they are doing it themselves. Here we have a right-wing blog accusing “liberals” of not “supporting the troops.” And the evidence? One comment at Democratic Underground, something from Scaife’s NewsMax, and media reporting on torture and humiliation of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo, or otherwise criticizing Bush’s policies and conduct of the war.
Well, no, the “liberal” position is that supporting the troops means not prosecuting only those at the bottom for doing what they are told or encouraged or at the very least were not stopped from doing. The “liberal” position is holding the chain of command and the policies from the top responsible as well. AND the liberal position demands that Bush change his offensive policies of torture and humiliation and “rendition” that are enraging the entire Muslim and non-Muslim world! Criticizing Bush’s policies and conduct of the war is not criticism of “the troops.” By ignoring the responsibility of the chain of command this right-wing blog – and the right-wing line it follows – lays all responsibility for what is going on squarely on the troops. In other words, the right-wing blog – and conservatives generally – are blaming the troops.
(And, if you want to feel really bad about where Bush has taken the country and the military, read the comments.)

1 thought on “Accusing Others

  1. Perhaps it is projection.
    Perhaps it is so unthinkable to the WRight that their Heroes, the ones they view as the Guardians of the Public, have taken the entire nation on a joyride through Hell in order to rob the Treasury that they feel they must scapegoat the pawns who implement the evil instead of the minds who dreamed it all up.
    Or maybe they’re just a bunch of stupid Cheeto-filled chickenhawks looking for an easy lynching of their own.

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