Accusing Others

The Republicans have more than a little problem with their party being WAAAY over on the fringe. So, being Republicans, how are they going to address this? Regular readers of Seeing the Forest know the answer.

From this NY Times story:

“. . . the party seeks to pivot to the center and seize on street demonstrations to portray Democrats as extremist.”

For those new to Seeing the Forest — Here is how you inoculate yourself against an expected accusation for something you’re doing: You accuse your opponent of it first.

Has your candidate been flip-flopping? Accuse Kerry of flip-flopping.

Does your candidate have a problem with his service record? Accuse Kerry of having a problem with his service record.

Has your candidate been making shit up? Accuse Kerry of lying.

Is your candidate a political extremist? Accuse Kerry of being out of the mainstream.

Etc. When you know to look for it, you see it in everything they do. It even becomes a good way to figure out what is going on when the news is confusing you. Just look for what they are accusing others of doing, and it’s a good bet that they’re up to their necks in whatever that is.

UPDATE – Well, well, well. All this time I’ve been talking about looking at what Republicans accuse others of, to learn what they themselves are up to. So get this: They have been accusing Kerry of claiming service medals that he did not earn. So, with our new “Republicans accusation” rule in mind, think about the implications of their accusation. Then take a look at this, and this and this. There are photos of Bush wearing medalsribbons he never recieved.