One of the wingnut trolls assigned to Seeing the Forest asked in a comment below why don’t Democratic leaders just go ahead and do something themselves about criminal acts by the Bush administration, if they really think it’s so bad?

Democratic leaders do not have any power to investigate anything. They can not call hearings, they can not issue subpoenas, they can not ask the FBI. They can’t even petition the courts — that’s what the whole thing about Bush’s judicial appointments has been about.

The Right currently controls every single investigative and legal agent of our government, from top to bottom.

And, as a result of this, can any of the readers here think of even ONE member of the Bush administration – at any level – who has been held accountable for even one transgression of any kind, whatsoever? One who has even been fired? Even demoted? Even scolded?

I think this might be something to use against Republicans in Congress for the next election. Pick the ten worst examples of Bush corruption, and start going after heads of Congressional committees in their own districts for refusing to do anything about it! Letters-to-the-editor would be a good start, leading to radio and TV spots, leaflets, etc. Put the pressure on. Point out the corruption, but give it a target – the members of Congress who are not doing the job of holding people accountable for their acts.