Absolute and Total Bushit

Blame Game on Economy Seen as Pointless

In fact, the blame game is a pointless one to some degree because economists say there’s little the occupant of the White House Oval Office can do to directly affect the $10 trillion U.S. economy.

How many times have you heard this repeated? The President can’t do anything about the economy. It makes no difference. Don’t vote. Don’t blame Republicans when the stock market goes down, unemployment and deficits soar, wages drop, benefits go away, and the money concentrates at the top.

Obviously Clinton made a difference. A huge difference. They don’t want people to think about that as they head down to vote. Obviously FDR made a huge, huge difference that raised the country to a level of prosperity unimagined before he came along.

And obviously Bush has made a difference – largely by inaction with a touch of take from the poor and give to the rich. Long-term unemployment. Falling from huge surpluses to massive deficits in a single year. Hell, I don’t need to go on with the list, do I?