Abramoff / Mariana Islands News

The Stakeholder:: Globetrotters has a story about investigators tracing down the Mariana Islands / Abramoff money.
In my opinion the Mariana Islands / Abramoff / Tom DeLay component is a KEY to this entire Republican corruption machine story, because the Bush Administration removed a prosecutor who was looking into the payoffs. The absence of law and accountability, with the Bush administration blocking rather than launching investigations each and every time signs of corruption appeared, is what allowed it all to fourish. The early White House actions to keep the law off the trail of the corruption machine show that it was government-wide, a scheme to loot the treasury.
(Another component, the appointment of L. Jean Lewis as chief of staff in the traditionally nonpartisan Defense Department’s inspector general office.)

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  1. Globetrotters

    The Abramoff probe has become a twisted, terrible version of Carmen Sandiego… Mystery firm linked to US lobbyist scandal [The Standard – Hong Kong] US government investigators probing Washington’s explosive Congressional bribery scandal centered on d…

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