About Iran and Port Security

Everything Kevin says in this post. Go read it.
See the forest. Learn to look at what Republicans do, not what they say. They say they think Iran is a threat because Iran could develop nukes, but they vote against increasing port security. They voted against installing radiation monitors. They voted against requiring scanning of containers entering the country.
And then they accused Democratic Senator Feingold of siding with the terrorists.

2 thoughts on “About Iran and Port Security

  1. Seems to me that port security should be the minimum security required. Don’t think they really have any airport security, either. There was a demo on the news showing how easy it is to sneak bombs on board — in 21 airports.
    And don’t think that you’re any safer in the Mid-West without port security than those of us in port cities, because you aren’t. Those uninspected cargo containers are loaded on trucks and trains and travel all over the country. A container with a bomb or WMD in it can be tracked by GPS and detonated by remote control.

  2. Yah, but the news folks are located more on the coasts, and so they give a bigger play to everything on the edges of the country. Part of the impact is raw slaughter, and the population concentrations are heaviest on the coasts, too.
    Safety is all relative, of course. Most people on the coasts are safe, even though they live in more likely target areas.

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