ABC Interviews McCain

Following the right-wing-framed questions ABC presented the Democratic candidates with in this week’s debate, here is a look a tomorrow’s interview with Sen. McCain — at The REAL McCain: Less Jobs, More Wars.

2 thoughts on “ABC Interviews McCain

  1. Well, if the media actually treats McCain in the SAME EXACT WAY it’s been treating Hillary Clinton for the past 6 months (and just got the balls to do to Obama this past week), then I’ve got no complaints.
    Obama had to answer a few unpleasant questions in ONE LOUSY DEBATE but Hillary’s had to answer (and re-answer) the same questions WITH NO OUTRAGE FROM THE SO-CALLED PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY.
    Why is it that when the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (go easy on Obama, the “progressive community” have no problems? Yet this is the SAME group of media hacks and flacks that the “progressive community” have been screaming bloody murder about whenever BushCo have been let slide for the last 7 years (hell, for the last 8 years–it was the media which turned a blind eye to Dubya in the general election of 2000 because he was the guy that “everyone wanted to share a beer with”; it was the media that constantly referred to “President-elect Bush” in the uncertainty of the Florida debacle while painting Gore in unflattering terms–maybe that sounds familiar, if you replace “Bush” with “Obama” and “Gore” with “Clinton”).
    It’s damn well about time that Barack Obama be made to explain himself ON-THE-SPOT, not allowed a week to prepare a speech in which he can deflect everything as not being his fault.
    Oh, by the by, what did you think of Obama’s nose-scratching? Maybe everyone you know just “happens” to scratch their nose with their middle finger. (And, of course, his little allusion to Hillary when he wipes some invisible something off his shoe. Is that REALLY a sign of a man we want as President? Sounds to me more like something that Bush probably would’ve done if he’d thought of it first.)

  2. Actions speak louder than words. Even though Senators Clinton and Obama are in a time-consuming campaign to win the nomination, Senator Clinton missed the fewest number of Senate votes of the candidates. She missed 158 votes, while Senator Obama missed 214 votes, so which one is doing the better job of fulfilling their commitment to those who elected them? Did Senator Obama consider those 56 votes unimportant?
    Although Republican Senator McCain has no opponent and no primary elections to campaign in, he missed 314 votes. If he’s that indifferent to his constituents now, can he be trusted to fulfill his promises to the voters as president?

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