A Two-Track Justice System

The other day I wrote that the conviction of Martha Stewart sends the message that donors to Democrats will be investigated and prosecuted, while donors to Republicans will not. One more corrruption of our government by the Bush administration is this two-track justice system — one legal system for Republicans, another for Democrats.

Here is another story along these lines. Democrats Cite Politics in Probe Reimbursement:

“A little-known Washington court that oversees the investigations of presidents has approved more than a million dollars in legal-fee reimbursements for Republican administration officials caught up in the probes while rejecting similar requests from Clinton-era officials.

[. . .] “The partisan pattern is undeniable,” said John Q. Barrett, a St. John’s University law professor who was a lawyer in the independent counsel’s office for the Iran-contra investigation. “Republican petitions have been getting reimbursed. And people connected with Democratic administrations are getting turned down. And it makes the court look bad.”

Got that? The people investigated in Iran-Contra – which yielded many convictions, including Ollie North, and many last-minute pardons that avoided sure conviction – are said to be investigated unfairly and reimbursed for their expenses, while those investigated in Whitewater – in which all the charges were found to be completely without merit – are not.

Not to mention that this panel of judges has assigned far-right investigators to every case since Iran Contra. These investigators have found no wrongdoing by any Republicans but hounded Democrats.

“Academics note that Sentelle’s panel criticized Walsh’s investigation and moved to shut it down. Later, Sentelle’s panel chose Starr, a former federal judge who was solicitor general in the first Bush administration, to run the Whitewater investigation and gave him wide leeway.”

The corruption has become so blatant.