A TORT REFORM Lobbyist???! Updated.

Update – I have been assured by several people from consumer and trial lawyer groups that this person is OK, was not lobbying on tort reform, and is going to put a numb er of people into these positions who favor consumer rights over corporate. This person was previously an assistant to Joe Biden. However, I don’t think people should be in government and then make millions working in any capacity that is based on the having been in government. That is not what workling for the public is supposed to be about.
Original post:
No, no, no. What is going on here?
Likely Justice Department nominee faces ethics hurdle – Los Angeles Times

The leading candidate to head the Justice Department office that oversees legal policy and judicial nominations recently has been a lobbyist for several business clients, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and would require a waiver from the Obama administration’s recently imposed ethics rules.
. . . The likely nominee to head Justice’s Office of Legal Policy, Mark Gitenstein, worked as a lobbyist for the chamber between 2000 and 2008, helping his firm earn more than $6 million in fees, according to federal lobbying records. The business alliance has pushed the White House and Congress to appoint judges and enact legislation that would make it harder for plaintiffs to sue large corporations and collect large damage awards, raising concerns from some activists.

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  1. Dude! You didn’t *really* expect anything different, did you? American elite culture, Republican and Democrat alike, is corporate commericial capitalist. They go to the same schools, work at the same companies, hang out in the same social circles, invest in the same places… their interests as a class are joined at the hip. Obama’s thinking is shaped by the same mentality.
    Obama himself is an avowed non-ideological pragmatist… of course he’s going to appoint someone like this. Many folks like this!
    We have a center/center-right administration (by historical standards) compromising with a vocal rightist minority, the results are pretty predictable.
    Be grateful for the differences, protest the similarities, and be prepared for sustained disappointment.

  2. Hope and Change!
    Transparency in Government!
    Haven’t you learned by now that (at least in my voting lifetime; Clinton, Bush, Obama) that every politician campaigns on “cleaning up Washington” or to be bringing “the most ethical administration”? They can do that because the outgoing one got so mired in Beltway-think, corruption, and pork. Once they get in office they return to the same old ways.
    This is why “right-wingers” like me were warning you (and McCain supporters, I supported Romney) to look at a candidate’s experience (which Obama had very little), track record (again, very little) and character (ahem, need I say Rezko and Ayers?).
    You got fooled by the hype. Now Barak’s saying “sucker, I punked you!”

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