A Tie — And A Choice

I think both John McCain and Barack Obama did well representing their positions and showing what they would be like as President. So on that I would score this as a tie. (I also want to say that McCain did well yesterday when I saw him in person at the Clinton Global Initiative. In fact it was the best I have seen him in a very long time, not the clown we have been seeing this year.)
But I think that by doing this they have offered the American people a clear choice. They contrasted their philosophies very well. For example, McCain argued his position of tax cuts for corporations while Obama argued his position of bottom-up economic growth.
I think there is on more factor here. They also both offered stories. McCain offers the past. Obama offers the future. That is the clear story that was told here.

2 thoughts on “A Tie — And A Choice

  1. Well, if an highly biased Ultra-partisan like you says it was a tie then the polls showing 2:1 that McCain won are correct.
    I’m just amazed any time Obama doesn’t come off like a babbling chimp when he does not have his security blanket… oops, sorry I meant his teleprompter.
    And before you accuse me of “Racism” for the chimp comment ask yourself why it is acceptable for lefties to call Bush a chimp and not the woefully inexperienced Senator of mediocre intelligence, Barak Hussein Obama.

  2. What hit me was how smug and stupid McCain is and was on the debate. Not an inch of decency. Not even close to Presidential. More like a school bully who knows he is losing his power to push people around. What I can’t understand is some people will still vote for him even after the economy is crashing and people are dying in needless wars. I used to ask whether these people are stupid. Now I know, “yes, they are”. One thing for them… If McCain wins – it’s your choice. You make your choice. Live with it, pay up the next $700 billion+ and shut the f*ck up. You just lost your right to b*tch.

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