A Summer Of People’s Action Is Barely Reported But Building!

People are fed up and showing up, making their voices heard, taking action. You might not be seeing very much coverage in the “mainstream” (corporate) news outlets but his has been a summer of increasing action, all following up on the Wisconsin actions. Just a few examples: the American Dream Movement was launched with thousands of house meetings across the country resulting in the Contract for the American Dream. There was the Speakout for Good Jobs Tour of town hall meeting events around the country. Two Republicans were recalled in Wisconsin! Last week the Verizon strike of 45,000 workers — assisted on the picket lines by non-employee volunteers — forced the company to the bargaining table. Continuing this week there are thousands of people protesting the tar sands pipeline, with arrests taking place daily outside the White House.
October 3-5 Campaign for America’s Future and the “Rebuild The Dream” organization bring the fight to Washington at the “Take Back the American Dream” conference.
Maybe it isn’t reported in the “major media,” but so what? It is happening. Jobless people don’t buy stuff. The major media today is about selling stuff, not serving democracy by keeping the public informed. So they focus on things that interest people with money. The result is that major media is too busy telling us that “we” have to sacrifice (to pay for tax cuts for the rich), cut Social Security (to pay for tax cuts for big corporations) and those of us that still have jobs accept longer hours and pay cuts and bigger health insurance payments and ore outsourcing (to pay for bigger bonuses for top executives.)
See For Yourself
But it is happening and building — see for yourself. Here is a newsreel of LOCAL news coverage of jobs protests against members of Congress by the American Dream Movement:

Here are clips from the Speakout for Good Jobs Tour:

This is footage from the opening day of the Tar Sands Pipeline Protests:

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America’s Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture. I am a Fellow with CAF.
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