A Suggestion for Libertarians

I’m a liberal Democrat and all, but I have a bold and original suggestion for libertarians (including libertarian Republicans). Don’t get mad until you hear what it is:

Maybe 2004 would be a good year for y’all to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

I realize that most of the time most of you vote for the Republican as the lesser evil. Usually that makes sense, but this year is it even true?

From your point of view, Bush is as about as bad as a Democrat on tariffs, government spending and “little government” issues. He’s worse on fiscal responsibility, civil liberties, and privacy rights. And he gave us this godawful war.

Some of you might think you should support Bush during the present state of emergency, but we can be confident that this state of emergency is going last forever. (Who is our enemy, again? For a long time I thought this was The War on Terrorism, but now I’m hearing that it’s really The War Against Evil. Somehow I think that either one of those wars will last awhile).

If you want to vote for the Democrat, of course that would be great. But I can see that Kerry, our likely nominee, is not your cup of tea, and granted that he supported both the war and the Patriot Act, I get your point. (Though changing his mind would be a lot easier for him than it would be for Bush).

There’s never going to be a better time. If the Libertarians don’t make a good showing this year, they never will. They might as well fold up their tents and quit.

P.S. So am I a fiendish operative throwing a monkey wrench into the Bush machine? Or am I just telling you that right at the moment you and I really have something in common?

Your call.