A "See the Forest" Exercise

OK class, here’s a classic exercise in seeing the forest — seeing the big picture and ignoring the distractions. From today’s news, Bush snubs NAACP, cites leaders’ remarks.

Trees — distractions:

“President Bush … said Friday he did so because of harsh statements about him by leaders of the venerable civil rights group.”

Forest — big picture:

“He is the first sitting president since Herbert Hoover not to address the group.”

He also refuses to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus.

So, are we going to get distracted and argue about whether the NAACP is mean to the poor guy? Or are we going to ignore the cover story and see what’s going on here. And that is that this President considers himself to be the President of The Party. Everyone else can, as Vice President Dick Cheney says, … well, you know what he says.

And, of course, in ANY story about – or action by – the Bush administration, there are the lies:

“White House officials initially said scheduling conflicts prevented Bush from making the journey to Philadelphia or addressing the conference via satellite, as he did Thursday to the League of United Latin American Citizens convention San Antonio.”