A Roundup On The Calls

Republicans are using computers to call voters in several districts. The calls purport to be from Democrats. If you hang up, they call, and call, and call, even into the night and early morning hours. If you DO listen, you hear a smear message about the Democrat. This is widespread and massive, and there is simply no time to respond. So it might work.
You and I are informed voters. The fact that you are reading this shows that you seek out information. So you are likely to see through – or find out about – this tactic. But consider the situation with most people. They work hard (not that you don’t) and don’t have a lot of free time. Maybe they have kids they have to get to school or soccer games (or the mall.) For one reason or another they are NOT as well-informed as we are, so they are susceptible to schemes like this one, which is obviously designed to get them angry at the Democratic candidate, possibly enough to keep them from voting at all.
I’ve been writing about the Republican calling operation here and here. Taylor Marsh is also looking at it. Talking Points Memo is also on this.
There are articles on the robocall operation here, here, here, here, here, here.
At Patriot Project we have also been looking at the earlier push-polling operation.
Update – According to the Republican Party website,

The GOP’s 72-hour program has reached 27 million volunteer contacts through Saturday, hitting 3 million voters this Saturday alone. By and large, this effort will have its impact on Election Day and will not show up in most public opinion polls.

3 thoughts on “A Roundup On The Calls

  1. What do you mean ‘Purport to be from democrats’?
    And then smear democrats. “Hi this is Nancy Pelosi, democrats stink, vote republican.” what?
    AND WHOA, you follow that with the most smug, self- important, condescending load of crap. “Yes, we cognescenti who read blogs are know it alls, but Joe Six Pack can’t hope to figure this out this highly complex election, he just doesn’t have time.”
    You know what, the ‘average hard working stiff’ does figure out at least as much as you do, in between and during all those keeping busy activities you site.

  2. ‘volunteer contacts’ could even be fake incoming; it’s a way one call co. I know of gets around laws on outgoing calls; an autodialer calls out with a prerecorded message, when people stay on & make a selection at prompting to ‘hear more’ or speak to a rep (to bitch or request being put on co. no call list or out of indecision) it’s translated as having become an ‘incoming’ call.
    Man would I like to help nail those using call company’s for political purposes. I know from the inside the diabolical thing being done, the manipulation and advantage being taken of uneducated low paid employees who are ‘naturals’, put on the spot to follow script on monitored calls and attain percentages or risk losing job. When script is very deceitful and not designed to SELL something but to ‘BUY’ legislation for whatever company paid for contract. Targets are patched thru to Legislators offices to pressure on legislation they haven’t a clue about.
    So it’s too sudden for the effect to be measured in polls? This then is the perfect excuse for ‘unexpected’ Diebold results?
    Can’t help bracing, sensing Bush waiting with baited breath to test out his new John Warner Defense Authorization Act of ’07 (signed the same day as the War Commissions Act) authorizing him to declare Martial Law to control public unrest.
    I’ll read the links.

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