A Recent Exchange

(8/28/2002) Sir, Thanx for posting your web log. Your entry today, “Today’s Google Experiment – Watch a Smear Spread” just floored me. I’ve known of this machine for quite some time and it amazes me how many of my fellow citizens either “don’t get it” or who just don’t care. Do you have a clue as to why this propaganda machine is so effective, why there are so many people who actually believe all this stuff? Are they hearing what they think they want to hear? Do you see any hope that things will change for the better anytime soon or do you think things will have to get a lot uglier first? Sorry to dump, but I don’t see any reasons to be optimistic… Thanx – XXXXX

Dear XXXX — I’m writing because I still haven’t had the time to finish and post the research I’m doing into this stuff. Can I suggest as a good starting point reading the book, “Blinded By The Right” by David Brock. He goes into such good detail and the book is causing more and more people to start being aware of the web of right-wing organizations and how they pump out this crap. A very good background article is available here. This article talks about how this right-wing web was formed. Even though it is 4 years old it lays out what was happening then and has only accelerated since.