A Question for Kerry

The Bush campaign said this in an ad back in March:

“The 30-second ad labels Kerry “wrong on defense” and says the Massachusetts senator did not support bills that would have ensured troops had body armor and earned higher combat pay, and that would have given reservists and their families better health care.”

Bush is STILL saying this:

“On issue after issue, from funding our troops who are on the battlefield, to involving parents in important decisions of their minor daughters, to supporting faith-based and community organizations that are helping those in need, the senator is out of step with the mainstream values that are so important to our country.”

Bush himself said this.

My question is, why doesn’t Kerry come out and say that Bush is LYING? I mean, look straight at the camera, use that word, make it a big challenge. Obviously this has not been effectively answered, since Bush still feels free to say this. And obviously this is a huge opening for Kerry to challenge Bush on this issue. BUSH SAID IT HIMSELF YESTERDAY.

What Washington campaign strategery is going on with the Kerry campaign, allowing Bush to get away with repeating that Kerry is against funding our troops? Is it the usual Washington Democrat cowering, because they are afraid that Rush Limbaugh will say bad things about them if they fight back?

Bush personally lied about Kerry when he said that Kerry is against funding our troops in the battlefield. Kerry continues to let him get away with this. This makes Kerry look weak, and Bush look strong. AND IT IMPLIES THAT BUSH IS TELLING THE TRUTH!

Kerry should say Bush is lying and that he will not tolerate Bush lying about THIS. Especially not THIS.

What is Kerry afraid of? That Rush might say something bad about him?

Update – Kerry did say this:

“The value of truth is one of the most central values in America and this administration has violated it”, Kerry said in an interview aboard his campaign plane on Friday. “Their values system is distorted and not based on truth.”

and this

“We have not stood up and attacked our opponents in personal ways,” Kerry said.

And that is my point. The first is said Kerry-style. Haughty. My point is that the particular people that Bush is playing to with his accusation are even MORE turned off to Kerry by this kind of response. Kerry should look straight into the camera and say that Bush is LYING, and lying about supporting the troops is too important to allow the miserable coward to get away with, and he’d better stop it.