A Propagandized Military Is A Danger to Democracy

There is an important story out today, Lawmakers Describe ‘Being Slimed in the Green Zone’, about how troops in Iraq are provided with propaganda denouncing Democratic lawmakers who visit Iraq.
Talking Points Memo Disgusted but really only gets part of what it means

.It’s all par for the course for this administration, how they’ve politicized every branch of the government and every agency, eroding democratic institutions in American while they pretended to build them in Iraq. In fact, from the start the White House tried to stock the Green Zone and the US occupation authority with GOP operatives.

Here is why this is important. Combine this propaganda effort with past practices like Armed Forces Radio pushing Rush Limbaugh while refusing to offer other points of view (this has changed due to pressure from Democratic lawmakers) and the history of government-paid propaganda promoting the Republican Party viewpoint, and this represents a danger to democracy. It is a very bad idea to have a propagandized military supporting one party.
Demonstrating The Party’s politicization-of-troops efforts, Bushist Don Surber writes,

Moran and Tauscher are part of a clique of Democratic politicians who want us to lose in Iraq so they can gain on Republicans.

Is this what the troops are being told? Bushist-blog Wizbang shows what the propaganda is intended to make the troops think,

Do these antiwar Congressmen think the troops don’t know who supports them and who does not?

To really get the feel of what the right is advocating, read the comments at these sites.
UpdateThink Progress is now censored – troops can not visit their website since they allowed Ret. Maj. Gen. John Batiste to guest-blog in opposition to Bush’s policies.

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