A New Contract With America?

TruthOut just posted an article by Stephen Pizzo, entitled: 10 Pledges to Demand from Democrats. In it, he outlines what he thinks we need to hold the Democratic Party accountable to doing if it takes control of Congress and the White House. Read the article, and then come back here and tell me whether you think this represents a real vision for
“A Progressive Contract with America”.
Here’s my reaction: LAME. If this is the best we can do, we as a country are doomed (and so human civilization and most of the living beings we share this planet with). I was going to deconstruct the posting in detail, but I’ll leave it with this question: what’s missing? (I’ll provide my own answer as a commnnt).

1 thought on “A New Contract With America?

  1. We need to move away from the politics of the individual sold by greed, fear and selfishness to a politics of inclusivness.
    I think Democrats should put what’s best for all of us against whats best for the few…or the interest of the whole is more important than the self destructing parts.
    We should put the interest of people…their pensions…their wages ahead of the interest of corporations.
    We should identify the Republican actions as those of corporate raiders who have been enginneering a hostal take over of US ecconomy…dismantling our nation and selling it off to the world.

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