A Must-Read

Everyone involved in politics (or marketing), or concerned about politics (or marketing), should go read this. Daily Kos: Madison Ave. Ad Exec Reveals How GOP Wins Elections

The perception you create IS the reality! Take heart! If they perceive something despite obvious evidence to the contrary, you will be able to make them perceive any number of things! Including your point of view! Rove knows this and uses it — you must too!

1 thought on “A Must-Read

  1. but, the Democrats are scripted to be the losing party. We need to see just how socialism or democracy in any form is weak, wimpy and wasteful, and the Dems are cast as the proverbial Colmes to the Repigs’ handsome, sensible and manly, Hannity.
    Watch ’em put Al Gore up on the platform in 08! Gore or Hillary, it’ll be someone even I can’t stand. It’ll be the losing candidate. They’re not meant to win anymore, not unless (like Hillary or Joe) they’re really Republicans (like at least half the “Dems” in DC) in thin disguise.

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