Thought you’d be in the mood for a Mother’s Day message. Apparently people are saying mean things about Barbara’s little boy. Help her feel good about herself by sending out some love, OK? Times have been hard lately.

Her other boys (Jeb, Neil, and the elusive Marvin) all are feeling the pinch too. With your help, they’ll all be able to take care of needed tasks such as reroofing their houses, getting electric washing machines, and sending their kids to rehab. Bar really hates those cruel, elitist things that people are always saying. Her kids are just as good as anyone else’s.

STF Management


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I’ve been thinking about how proud I am of our children.

And it’s with a mother’s pride that I’m writing you today to ask you to support our eldest, George W., and his re-election campaign with a donation of $1000, $500, $250, $100 or $50……….

Earlier this week, our son’s re-election team announced their “March to a Million” campaign. Never before has a presidential campaign received contributions from over one million supporters. With your help, we’ll make history.


This election is going to be a tough one. That is why I’m asking for your support. For months the President has been facing negative advertising from John Kerry and all sorts of pro-Kerry groups. I’ve been particularly disappointed in the personal attacks.

Your donation, no matter what the size, will help advertise the President’s positive agenda for America and deliver his compassionate conservative message directly to the voters.


America needs a strong leader like George W. Bush. He is the right man to lead America during these challenging times.

Thank you very much for your support today. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Barbara Bush