A more sensitive gaffe

OK. I’ve been listening to Randi Rhodes and reading just about everybody, all defending Kerry’s “more sensitive war on terror” gaffe.

Sorry, but that’s what it is. No matter how many occurences of the word “sensitive” bloggers can google up in quotes of Republicans, I haven’t seen one yet that is as flatly stupid as Kerry’s “more sensitive war on terror.”

Do these people even proofread Kerry’s speeches before he gives them?

Among the target audience of Cheney’s attack, who is going to know or care about the rest of the paragraph? Who is going to know or care about bloggers’ explications and duelling quotes? Even Randi sounds lame on this subject.

This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if Kerry were even a little bit mean and angry. Mean and angry people don’t say frigging moronic things like a “more sensitive war on terror!”

Four years ago, the right-wingers, abetted by their media, lied about Al Gore. They had to actually make stuff up to ridicule Gore. Kerry and his staff seem to be making it a good bit easier for the bastards this time around. Jeeesh.