A Miserable Failure of a Presidency

Apparently, the right wing is organizing to replace the current result for miserable failure with M1cha3l M00re (geez, they sure take his criticism of the “miserable failure” pretty personally, don’t they?) – whose eponymous web site is now the second highest ranking result whenever you search for “failure” or “miserable failure”. Time to for some counter-measures, folks.
If there were any doubt that the current resident of the White House is a miserable failure, recent polls (showing him with among the lowest approval ratings ever) and the wholesale abandonment of much of his second term agenda should eliminate them. George W. Bush is a miserable failure of a President, and no organized right wing conspiracy is going to change that.

3 thoughts on “A Miserable Failure of a Presidency

  1. I’m not going to defend the president as I see him as merely mediocre: a abject socialist-leaning failure in pratical economics, a practitioner of cronyism, and a man not willing to stick to the ideals he expressed in 2000. However, calling the google-bomb attack on Moore a “conspiracy” is ludicrous. Here is the relevant dictionary definition of “conspiracy”:
    An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
    Now, it is obvious that it was not an illegal act (unless you fall into the leftist “campaign finance” logic which is an assault on the 1st amendment), it is not subversive, and it is not wrongful. If you said it was applicable to any of these then you leftists google-bombing Bush’s name with “miserable failure” a while back has to be called the same. But, you won’t, your kind sees conspiracies everywhere (how many times have I been called a “paid shill” for the Neo-con adgenda?), and in the vast majority of cases you are not only wrong but nutty.
    It reminds me of a quote I heard a while back “The leftist, dissatisfied with his hum-drum existence, dreams that there are fascist conspiracies out there which are out to destroy everything; and he romanticizes his image by believing that he is a lone rebel, fighting against a juggernaut. Anything to make his mundane existence more exciting.”
    Word of advice, get a life.

  2. Pericles, how about this very relevant definition I found regarding “conspiracy”? “Conspire” (which, as we all know, is the verbal root source–in simplest terms, a “conspiracy” is the act of “conspiring”, and “conspiring” is merely a gerund form of “conspire”) can also mean “to act in harmony toward a common end”. That, to me, seems incredibly relevant to the use of “conspiracy” in the entry which starts off with the phrase “Apparently, the right wing is organizing. . .” Now, you might find it hard to understand but “organizing” in that sense falls right into the definition of “conspire” which I provided.
    Now, here’s a bit of advice for you: If you don’t like what this site offers, then who is forcing you to visit? (For the record, “get a life” is not *a* word of advice, it’s more properly “words of advice”–if you’re going to be hung up on what words mean, use the damn things correctly, okay? If you can’t do that, then you really have no business in attacking others’ words of choice–especially when you decide to cherrypick the definitions to suit *your* needs.)

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