A Lie Repeated, and Repeated, and Repeated!

I’m fuming again. My morning is ruined by reading this damned LIE repeated in this morning’s newspaper. Mona Charen, nationally syndicated columnist, in today’s San Jose Mercury News, repeats and extends the lie about the NEA, starting it now with, all capitalized, “LIBERALS,” “LIBERALS want to prevent Americans from feeling any sense of righteous fury about Sept. 11. How dare we, when we were responsible for slavery, imperialism, racism and an inadequate minimum wage?”

She continues with the lie you’re already familiar with, “The National Education Association has weighed in with suggestions to guide teachers on the first anniversary of the terror attacks. “Do not suggest,” the NEA advises, “that any group is responsible. Do not repeat the speculations of others, including newscasters. Blaming . . . is especially difficult in terrorist situations because someone is at fault.” Well, yes, someone is always at fault. And unless those that someone is a right-wing radio host, liberals just hate to see anyone blamed for anything.”

Listen to this whopper, “In New York (the NEA would like this), a teacher was suspended merely for telling her class that all of the individuals who attacked this country on Sept. 11 were Arabs.” Reminds me of the time right-wingers were telling people about the guy “arrested for praying”, but when I looked into it the guy was kneeling in the middle of the busiest intersection in town blocking all traffic.

There’s more, much more. “The NEA also tells teachers to say: “We have no reason to believe that the attacks were part of an organized plan of any other country. The terrorists acted independently, without the sanction of any nation.” This is false. Did Afghanistan not fully participate in the terrorists’ attacks?” Well, no, actually, “Afghanistan” did NOT fully participate, didn’t participate AT ALL, in the terror attack. They “Harbored” the terrorists.

Here’s how it ends, “The liberal hold on our education system amounts to a moral disarmament of the nation. Before there can be an Army, Navy and Air Force capable of protecting us, there must be a citizenry that believes we are worth defending.”

I am just fuming. How long is a lie like this allowed to spread. By now I’m sure that much of the public believes this. And, playing on emotions from the terrible Sept. 11 attacks there could be real consequences to stirring up the public with such inflammatory lies! How can my newspaper reprint something like this, lies from first word to last. How can this so-called “columnist” ever be printed in newspapers after knowingly circulating such trash!

And most important, why is there no voice informing the public that this is a cruel, calculated, inflammatory lie, circulated by professional LIARS! Where are the so-called “responsible” journalists and editors when LIES like this are being circulated! Are they hiding, afraid to be branded with the dreaded “liberal” word? Have they no guts? Have the editors of the San Jose Mercury News and other papers circulating this inflammatory LIE no shame at all?!

And now I’m even angrier than when I started writing this.