A Legal Question

My wife’s credit union just took a bunch of money out of her account. They say they discovered that nine years ago her ex-husband (they had been divorced five years at that time) “took out a loan from a joint account” that still had her name on it. She already had a different account there under her own name, and had asked that her name be removed from the joint account. They had never notified her that there was an amount due. They just took the money out of her account, have not provided us with any documentation of anything.
So the question is, what recourse do we have? Getting a lawyer and fighting this might cost more than the amount they took. And doesn’t consumer law say there is a statute of limitations on such things? (We are in California.)
Update – Dealing with corporations… Pretty soon it will be against the law not to buy from whatever corp is currently paying the legislators the most. We will have a minimum quota of what you are required to buy. Corporations will be able to just draw on people’s bank accounts at will if they feel that person is not doing enough to keep their profits up. Maybe there will be special taxes to support the Party-favored corporations. Are these good ideas? Send me my check.