A Hog Farm Next Door To Your House — Stealth “Takings” On The Ballot In Four States

There is a law on the ballot in four states that says if I want to open a hog farm or a chemical plant next door to your house and you don’t want me to do that, then YOU have to PAY ME not to — you have to pay me ALL THE MONEY I MIGHT HAVE MADE. I am not kidding. This new law says that if you want to stop a corporation from dumping toxic waste into the river from which you get your drinking water, or stop them from venting dangerous chemicals into the air, then YOU have to PAY that company not to. I am NOT kidding!
The far right says that a government stopping a company from dumping waste into a river is “taking” money from that company. I am not kidding. And you had better take this seriously or YOU will be PAYING companies to not harm you and your families.
Along with EVERYTHING else going on in this election, the far right has managed to get stealth “takings” initiatives on the ballot in four states. In California it is Proposition 90. In Washington it is Initiative 933. In Idaho it is Proposition 2. In Arizona it is Proposition 207.
This is a “private property” and “takings” amendment disguised as a limit to “eminent domain.” This means that it is supposed to be about keeping the government from seizing property so it can be used by commercial interests. But what this really does is prevent the states from ANY regulation of property, including ANY environmental regulations, ANY zoning laws, etc.
These ballot initiatives are all funded by one person – a New York real estate tycoon named Howie Rich. And he did this through front groups – organizations disguised as something else. See if you can guess what he plans to do the day after these laws pass? (Hint — think “hog farm next door to your house.”)
See Calitics: Soapblox California :: Prop 90: A Battle we MUST Win and
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and TomPaine.com Monster Stomping The States and The Nation: Rich’s Stealth Campaign.
I am not kidding. I understand that saying the things I am saying here makes ME sound like the extremist, but you’d better go read up on these laws right now and see for yourself.
So here is ONE MORE THING to worry about this election. ONE MORE THING to tell friends and family to watch out for. ONE MORE THING to spread the word about. But it’s one more IMPORTANT thing so get the word out.

1 thought on “A Hog Farm Next Door To Your House — Stealth “Takings” On The Ballot In Four States

  1. I wrote you about this months ago Dave.
    Howie has more than takings initiatives on the ballots, he has Tabor style initiatives and easier than pie judicial recall initiatives in several states. Thank God that the Montana State Supreme Court reaffirmed Judge Sandefur’s decision to throw them off the ballot because of fraud.
    Howie had initiatives in Arizona, California, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington.
    If you find the email I sent you, you will see that I think his strategy is based on Grover Norquist’s plan to get sixty senate seats so that they won’t even have to pretend at this democracy game.
    Blogger Hart Williams has a ton of dope about this very elaborate scam they have been trying to get away with.

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