A Good Statement Of What Happened To Us

An op-ed piece in the LA Times the other day, Media Monopolies Have Muzzled Dissent, has a good quote that shows what has happened to us:

The transformation of active citizens into passive consumers was enabled by the Federal Communications Commission under Ronald Reagan’s Mark Fowler, who declared “the perception of broadcasters as community trustees should be replaced by a view of broadcasters as marketplace participants.”

Community replaced by market. One-citizen-one-vote replaced by one-dollar-one-vote. That kind of sums it all up.

From the piece:

TV’s Fox could not get away with its shameless shilling for the White House if the Fairness Doctrine were still in place, and radio’s Clear Channel monopoly would not be able to impose wall-to-wall Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage, etc., on the public if broadcasters were accountable to public opinion rather than the dictates of plutocrats.

If Republicans try to tell you that the media is liberal, ask them why they oppose the Fairness Doctrine.