A Gem From The Past

I just came across this: End Government Science Funding | Cato Institute: Daily Commentary.

“Scientists may love government money, and politicians may love the power its expenditure confers upon them, but society is impoverished by the transaction.”

Yikes! This is what Bush came along and did, actually, based on nonsense like this. How did that work out?

3 thoughts on “A Gem From The Past

  1. Do you even believe anything you write? Did Bush veto any spending bill during his term in office? (Maybe he did once or twice – I’m not sure.)
    Bush might have said something like this. But he did something different. He was a big old Liberal Democrat when it came to government spending on all kinds of nonsense. I wish he had cut spending, but he didn’t.
    And how did that work out?

  2. Government spending is services for people — except for corporate subsidies, which includes military. Under Bush a lot of spending was shifted from services for citizens to corporate subsidies.
    That worked out really well for the really rich. Under Bush policies the top percent or so ended up being the only group to gain.
    Bush’s tax cuts for the rich took a budget surplus and turned it into HUGER deficits – especially this year’s, which is Bush’s last budget and is over a trillion dollars!
    As we know from the economic collapse, Bush’s deregulation policies didn’t work out so well.

  3. Ok that’s what I thought. He spent spent spent and got nothing.
    But you made a new accusation: Bush’s crazy deregulation caused the financial crisis.
    What deregulation are you talking about? Mostly, what I remember is him signing that bill by those crazy deregulators – Sarbanes and Oxley.
    I’m seriously confused by people who talk about the deregulation of the last decade. Clinton was more of a deregulator then Bush. So was Carter. Bush was to the left the Democratic presidents of the past few decades.
    He even mired us in military quagmire. Previous presidents to do that: Truman, Kennedy, Johnson. (and check Afghanistan – Obama may yet end up on that list)
    He was an awful Republican, and the country is in a awful condition as a result. He was Liberal.

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