A Forgery Set-Up???!!!

I was wondering — if the Bush Guard document turns out to really be a forgery, how did the right-wing blogosphere know, and so fast?

Well, here is the answer: Blogger Who Faulted CBS Documents Is Conservative Activist

Read the article. It looks like a set-up.

Thanks to BOPNews.

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Since the documents could have been made when they were supposed to have been, and the content of the documents is not in question, there was really no reason to question them at all in the first place, especially within a few hours, by someone with no access to them. Yet, in a coordinated campaign, by a Republican PR firm, the accusation was immediately blasted all over the right-wing media.

At that point, there was only ONE way to know if there was a reason to suspect they were forged — and that way was if you knew for sure. (If they even are.) If you get my meaning, wink, wink. And now we know that the source of the story, originally attributed to “bloggers,” turns out to have been a Republican operative.

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with what the documents SAID, which was true. Which makes this an even more interesting case, doesn’t it? The fact that we’re all talking about the documents, even though what they SAY has much greater ramifications.

WHY DID BUSH STOP FLYING? THAT is the real question here.

Update – There’s more to this story. Read WHY CBS went on the air with the documents.

John Roberts, the network’s White House correspondent, called to report he’d just completed an on-camera interview with Dan Bartlett, the White House communications director. Bartlett, it appeared, had no quarrel with the authenticity of the documents.

That was the turning point.

“If we had gotten back from the White House any kind of red flag, raised eyebrow, anything that said, ‘Are you sure about this stuff?’ we would have gone back to square one,” Josh Howard, the program’s executive producer, told the Los Angeles Times in an interview Friday. “The White House said they were authentic, and that carried a lot of weight with us.”

The story aired that night, and Dan Rather, the CBS News anchor, seemed to have scored yet another coup in his broadcasting career. Hours later, the roof fell in.

Critics, many of them Internet-based, immediately charged that CBS had relied on phony documents from a shadowy, unnamed source. Rather, 72, long a target for conservative critics, was again fending off allegations of liberal bias. A growing chorus of media observers voiced distress that CBS had hurried a story onto the air without fully checking the facts.

If not a set-up, maybe a bugged office, giving them advance warning? Take a look at this,

When time passed and Will heard nothing, she called CBS News the night of Sept. 7. She said she told her contact — whom she declined to name — “If you run this story, you’ll get all sorts of questions from hundreds of document examiners.” Will declined to say what if any reply CBS gave to her warning.

If someone was privy to that conversation…

But, as I said, we don’t even KNOW that this document was forged. And, as I said, the REAL question — the one with significance to the American people — is, WHY DID BUSH STOP FLYING? It matters, because if the guy has an addiction problem, we need to know it.

Update – A good piece by Keith Olbermann at Hardblogger.