A Few Other Blogs

Agonist, all day, every day.

Talking Points Memo, lots about “Chickenhawk Down” — how the Bush Admin. screwed the military, got them into this mess.

tendentious, everything. For some reason he isn’t happy with our war. Especially look at the pictures and follow the picture link.

Ruminate This and Sideshow, talking about the new We Want the Airwaves “collection of links documenting the decline of free speech in the mass media (and the fight to retain it)”!

The dangers of media concentration under corporate control pose perhaps the greatest threat to our democratic system. The press, supposed to perform as unofficial but vital “fourth arm” of democratic government, is slowly ceding all claim to be informing the public. News departments on the publicly-owned airwaves have decreasing independence from their corporate owners, and even the Public Broadcasting System represents corporate sponsors and those who control Congress rather than the public. Local and independent radio stations using local talent and programming have become more and more rare as the likes of Clear Channel compound their dominance of the national airwaves.

PNAC Watch, looking at how did we get into this war mess, anyway.

Update – worldgonewrong writes to newspaper about reinstating the draft.

The news that our troops are short-handed and require immediate reinforcement compels all patriotic Americans to enlist immediately. Has the Star Tribune looked into just how many Minnesotans have rushed to enlist in the last few days? Not to fight right away in Iraq, but to be trained and available for such time as they are needed.

Now is the time when Minnesotans and all Americans should be pressing their elected representatives to reinstate the draft. If liberating the people of Iraq is a national mission, we should be eager to see our sons and daughters called to do their duty.

Write your Congressman and ask that a draft be reinstated immediately. Then go enlist.

Newspapers can help, too – see to it that those who have been most excited about the war are first to volunteer their children.

Go offer your congratulations.

Read the story that Digby points to from Hullabaloo. If Blogspot isn’t working (as usual) scroll down to “Embedded”. Sad, terrifying.