A Country of Broken Systems

(Explanation – I’m in NY working at the MSNBC studio on a blogging project.)

I just don’t know.

I just don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m in a huge, modern TV studio with hundreds of monitors all over the place, with MSNBC and FOX and CNN and CNBC and NBC and ABC and CNN and everything else on the walls everywhere, and all of them have two or three or four people on all the time all of them explaining what they think is going to happen. I’ve got a nice fast connection to the Internet and know how to use it. Because of the reason I am here I’m scanning all the blogs and news sources I can find, looking for the very latest stories and analysis. So I’m getting the most, and the best news you can get, and I’m getting it as fast as it can be got. None of them know, and I don’t know.

One thing I am taking very seriously is what Erick Erickson said. He’s one of the bloggers here for this blogger project. He’s from RedState.org, the Republican blog. He’s a Republican from Georgia. He says the Republican in Georgia have the best-organized ground operation – Get Out The Vote operation – that he has seen. I suspect this is even more true in the states that really matter.

This is the culmination of my two-plus years blogging. I started blogging as a way to just shout about what was going on with this government, and with the press and the Democrats’ reaction. Everything going the wrong way. Since then the Democrats have come around just as far as they could in the time they had. I should say WE had because that is all the Democrats are. They are we.

The press? I am learning a lot about the press this year. First I was at was the Democratic Convention in Boston as a member of the press, and now I’m “embedded” in the middle of THE MEDIA. You just can’t get much more into the middle of the media than here, actually sitting in the next room over from the anchor’s chair behind the anchor desk.

So I am coming to understand WHY it’s the way it is but I don’t yet see what might fix it. I can say from my experiences over the past months that many of the professionals are aware that there is a problem — their “business” suffers a disconnect with the requirements of democracy — but don’t really know what to do. It’s a systemic problem. I know that it started when news became a business. (I remember when the proud CBS News operation was dismantled.) There is no longer a reliable system for providing the public with the necessary information — accurate information — for maintaining a democracy.

We are a country of broken systems. Everyone reading this blog knows this. It’s why you’re here. It’s why the blog is here. Everything is broken. Every thinking person knows it. Democracy is broken. The media is broken. The health care system is broken. The budget is broken. They say Social Security is broken. They say the schools are broken. The economy is broken. The system of international law is broken. We don’t even have a reason to trust that the election tomorrow — sorry, today — is legitimate because the machines that record the votes are broken by design.

Even the fucking atmosphere is broken.

We let all of this happen to us — there’s no one else to blame.

So with the end of the “campaign” we start the next phase. Will we start finding answers? Will we start finding peace? Or will we begin a more rapid descent into chaos and despair? It sure as hell can’t go on the way it has been.