A Comment On The Election

The Democrats took the House and Senate. But think about this: Everything we were worried that the Republicans would do – the “gerrymandering” where they rig Congressional districts so they can’t be turned over to Democrats, every dirty trick like the phone calls saying you’ll be arrested if you vote, every voter suppression tactic and every negative campaign ad – it all HAPPENED. People were purged from voter rolls, people were intentionally sent to the wrong polling places, people dressed in Latin American-style police uniforms stood outside polling places in the Southwest…
And with all that, the Democrats took the House and Senate.
So I have a question. Would ANY Republicans be in office without the lying, cheating, intimidation and theft?

1 thought on “A Comment On The Election

  1. That’s a good question, since the country’s been evenly divided for the past several elections. It’s in that kind of situation, when a very few votes make a big difference, that the dirty tactics count.
    But yeah, some Republicans would win without the dirty tricks. Weren’t some still uncontested? Very few this time, thanks to Dean’s hard work and 50 state policy.

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