A Comment I Left

Here’s a comment I left to this post at Hullabaloo, talking about the Club For Growth’s anti-Dean ad:

“The thing is, ANYthing that is repeated over and over, without being countered in time, will become accepted as a truth. Marketers do this because it works.

My favorite example is people saying they shouldn’t switch to satellite TV because wind knocks over the dishes. And also, DSL is better than cable modems because cable modems are shared with lots of people. Both of these claims are just hogwash, of course, but the ads were repeated into a vacuum – an area where people had no other information but did have an interest in learning, and the claims sounded reasonable.

This stuff WORKS. If you can plant your message repeatedly before counter messages are out there you win. It is VERY difficult to counter a “conventional wisdom” once it has taken hold. The Right’s marketing infrastructure operates on this principle.

One thing the Right has that moderates and progressives don’t seem to understand very well, is marketing. I mean, the Right is populated by people with corporate backgrounds and a cynical view that you can sell air if you just market it right — coming from tobacco company marketing people who were able to convince people to kill themselves while handing over their money to their executioners.

Marketing works. Repetition works. Repeating simple catch-phrases to the public works.