A Comment I Left At The Dean Blog

Here’s a comment I just left at the Dean blog. What do you think?

“The number one question about your candidacy is “Can you be elected?” The public is asking it, the press is asking it, and your supporters are asking it.

Answer it. Don’t talk about anything else until this is answered.

You should be starting every single sentence with “I will beat George Bush because…” and not saying anything else. You need to have this as your message, and nothing else, until it is no longer a question that people ask. You should have no other message because THERE IS NO OTHER QUESTION. Period.

Short message. Answer the number one question. Repeat and repeat – that’s basic marketing.

Answer this question and all the people who “support Dean, but,” will be back voting for you!

I heard they actually read the blog comments. (And STF.)

Update – I guess it resonated. Other people are copying and reposting my message in the comments. (Repetition works.)

Update – Exit polls confirm what I’m saying.