"A Certain Amount of Baldness"

Recently the New York Times posted a story with the too-tactful headline “Less Certainty in White House on Iraq’s Arms”. Brad Delong objected that the White House is not “less certain” now; it is now certain that it had earlier been wrong.

Mecki commented (slightly revised):

“I was reminded of a story by Ephraim Kishon, in which he describes his loss of hair. When he’s down to 3 hairs (and two have fallen out) he writes ‘I guess I have to own up to having a certain amount of baldness’ .

This is the Bush White House: When every one else has realised that there are no WMDs and there were no WMDs, they say ‘Well, maybe not QUITE as many as we thought.'”

This sounds like a brand name for the whole Bush administration: “A Certain Amount of Baldness”. It describes the economic plan pretty well too.

Edited for style