A Bad Day for W


“These guys are the most crooked, you know, lying group I’ve ever seen,” Kerry added. “It’s scary.”

And just exactly what is wrong with that statement?

BTW, is the Bush campaign’s response ot this not the whiniest thing you’ve heard in a while?

“At every turn, John Kerry has claimed to be the victim of an imaginary smear machine,” Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt said. “Today, John Kerry made a comment that showed his true colors: a relentlessly negative campaign that is negative and pessimistic and offers no positive plan or agenda.”


Oh yeah, and public faith in the economy has plummeted.

And the market tanked today.

Is it my imagination or does it appear that the wheels are finally coming off the Bush White House?

It looks like Bush’s carefully constructed artificial reality is finally falling apart.

Americans are apparently no longer buying the bull that W is peddling.

I think W has told several lies too many over the last several months.

I sure hope that’s what going on.

It took long enough, didn’t it?

Update: The fine whine continues:

Senator Kerry’s statement today in Illinois was unbecoming of a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, and tonight we call on Senator Kerry to apologize to the American people for this negative attack,” Racicot said in a statement. “On the day that Senator Kerry emerged as his party’s presumptive nominee, the president called to congratulate him. That goodwill gesture has been met by attacks and false statements.”


This is getting to be fun, isn’t it? As my man Atrios says, pass the popcorn.