On “Speaking Fees,” Biden and Yellen

In the 90s there was a scandal about “buckraking,” where journalists were reporting positively about certain moneyed interests while raking in huge “speaking fees” from them. (A good example was 1996’s Money Talks by Howard Kurtz, Part 1, Part 2.) … Continue reading

Speaking Fees And Big-Time Career Journalism

Meet The Press moderator David Gregory is the “Keynote Address” speaker at the upcoming National Federation of Independent Business “Small Business Summit” conference. This is a conservative advocacy group that solidly aligns with Republicans. Here is a speakers bureau page … Continue reading

Speaking Fees

Speaking fees are one way people in the conservative movement — even bloggers –make significant money. Many corporate trade associations pay significant fees to have people speak. Local organizations pay significant fees as well. Apparently Republican Party groups around the … Continue reading

Is Clinton Bought By Wall Street? There Is A Test For That

People are questioning Hillary Clinton over millions in speaking fees and contributions from Wall Street. There are specific steps she can take now, and pledges she can make about what she will do if elected. Will she? Continue reading

Biden’s Problems Go Back To 2009

This post is in honor of Seeing the Forest’s 20th Anniversary. As the country dissolves into fascist turmoil, it’s useful to look back at How We Got Here. 2009 was The Year Democrats Could Have Done Something, but chose not … Continue reading

Is The Sanders Campaign “Going Negative?

The Clinton campaign is accusing the Sanders campaign of “going negative.” Is this Clinton accusation just an attempt to “muddy the waters” as Clinton’s attacks on Sanders’ health care plans backfire?
Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be “Optimistic” About Corporate “Tax Reform”

Why is it that any time you hear the word “reform” coming out of Washington it always ends badly for about 99 percent of us? Here are some actual reforms that are need for corporate tax reform. Continue reading


Tim Geitherner is getting paid huge “speaking fees” by the big banks he helped while in his government jobs… Geithner joins top table of public speakers with lucrative appearances, … receiving about $400,000 for three speaking engagements. A speech at … Continue reading

Why Government Only Does Things For The Wealthy & Big Corporations

One reason is because everyone understands that there is a big check waiting for them later if they “play ball.” Example: Ex-Obama Aides Attended Oil Industry-Sponsored Azerbaijan Conference, Jim Messina, the former Obama 2012 campaign manager, Robert Gibbs, the former … Continue reading

The Most Important Thing The President Said About The Republican Budget

The most important thing the President said about the Republican Budget in his big speech Tuesday was when he described just some of the damage it does, and said, “This is not an exaggeration. Check it out yourself.” Seriously, do … Continue reading

Why Keep The Capital Gains Tax Break?

Mitt Romney’s ultra-low tax rate on his ultra-high income is reviving questions about the breaks and perks that the wealthiest of the 1% receive from the rest of us. One of these is a special low tax rate for investments … Continue reading