More bribery and backscratching with the Bushes!

Have you been filled in on the Texas Rangers’ land deal that made Bush Junior rich? If not, go do your homework and read Joe Conason’s Harper’s Feb., 2000 article. (alternate source)

According to the article the lucrative land deals were set up by Mayor Richard Greene of Arlington, Texas. Well it turns out that while Mayor Greene was working against his constituents to set up a public land grab that made Junior rich he was being sued by Bush Senior’s Resolution Trust Corporation! (That’s the organization that was set up to handle the Savings and Loan bailout.) What a coincidence! He’s getting sued by Daddy so he starts handing public land to Junior! I bet I can guess how the suit turned out – probably a lot like how Dad’s SEC investigation of Junior’s insider trading scam did. 😉 Read about it here at Salon (Premium, pay up). (Go to page 2 to read about Mayor Greene.) Then refer back to page 6 of Joe Conason’s article to read about how Mayor Greene handed the loot to Bush. Maybe now we know why.