The Republican Crony Club

I’ve wondered what is in it for the big-money Bush supporters. I mean, sure, they get special favors from the government, tax breaks, etc. But when, for example, the government gives Microsoft a pass for their monopolistic activities it increases costs FOR OTHER BUSINESSES! Even the Bush-Backing businesses have to spend almost twice as much for computers and an enormous amount for software like MS Office.

It isn’t about just being pro-business because Bushism helps some businesses while it hurts others. Bushism helps oil companies but hurts fuel cell, solar and wind-power companies. Those are businesses, too! ALL businesses in California paid a lot more for electricity back when Bush was letting Enron rob the state through price manipulations. Bush supporters had to pay 3 times as much to heat or cool their homes, just like Democrats did. And all of us will suffer from global warming.

So I wondered, what real good do they think they are doing for themselves by supporting these corporate Republicans?

Now I’m thinking that the attraction is like being in a special club. Cronyism describes the Bush thing so well. If you’re in the Republican Crony Club you get bailed out when you need it. You get special tax breaks – like a free pass to move your company to Bermuda to avoid paying American taxes. You get first crack at public resources. You get a pass on being investigated for violating laws – you even get to continue doing business with the government after you’ve been convicted of stealing from the government!

Being in the Republican Crony Club is about what you can buy today with your campaign cash. Never mind that it means the economy is destroyed by it – you can fly away somewhere in your private jet, with your money safely in the Cayman Islands. Whoosh, bye-bye!

It’s not like you’re going to be prosecuted for anything or ever have to give any of the money back.