From the Right – The Forest

This piece says a lot about why the left needs organizations like The Commonweal Institute to counteract the web or right-wing organizations. The article is about the far-right National Journalism Center, training lots of busy-bee right-wing so-called journalists. It’s remarkable how far to the right the prespective of the piece’s auther is, even though it’s in the supposedly respected The Christian Science Monitor.

As I wrote in Seeing the Forest II, “It’s a new era. The information business isn’t about journalism anymore and you’ll be frustrated and disappointed as long as you hold the old-fashioned notions that it is “supposed to” be. That’s all gone. Now it’s different and the public is only getting one side of the story. The public is getting its information from the likes of Rush Limbaugh. As old and worn-out as this sounds, a few large corporations now own almost all of the sources of information and they are using that power to benefit themselves, not the public. This is the forest.