Seeing the Forest III

Yesterday I wrote about Time Magazine’s big story describing how the Clinton Adminisration handed Bush a plan to get rid of al-Queda, the Bush people sat on it, and then after 9/11 attempted to blame Clinton for the attack while taking credit for the Clinton plan as their own. These are trees. See the forest.

Take a look at this story from February, “PR CAMPAIGN BLAMES CLINTON FOR SEPT. 11 ATTACKS.” Now, take a look at who is behind the group launching that PR campaign and the increadible amounts of money put into just this one right-wing attack group (there are so many). It’s funded by the Scaife Foundation, the Bradley Foundation, etc. – the usual suspects you see funding all of these Republican attack groups.

Here’s the forest: THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! If you try to argue the individual points that Republicans put out, you will go crazy. Those are the trees. You can argue about whether Clinton is to blame. You can argue about whether tax cuts cause tax revenue to increase. You can argue about whether Bush and Cheney knew their companies were about to tank when they make fortunes selling their stock to unsuspecting buyers. These are just trees. See the forest.

See the bigger picture. Look at what they do and who is doing it, not at what they say. When you see the signs of a coordinated PR campaign coming from the right, IT MEANS THEY ARE UP TO SOMETHING! Don’t look at what they are saying, look at the pattern, look at what they are doing. I’ll go so far as to say this, When you see them spreading a story about Democratic or “liberal” wrongdoing it often means it’s really about something THEY have been doing and they are “innoculating” themselves by accusing the other side before the real story can start coming out.

When you see the signs of a coordinated right-wing propaganda attack, get on Google, look up the names of the spokespersons or organizations spreading the story, see what else they have been doing and saying, see if you can track down who funds them. Guess what you’re going to find? In every single instance you are going to find one of these right-wing attack groups, and they are going to be funded by the Bradley Foundation or Scaife or one of the others, and the spokesperson is going to have published pro-tobacco and/or anti-environmentalist articles. And one other thing – you’re going to hear the smear story on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and O’Reilly or Hannity, and you’ll se it in the Washington Times, etc., etc. and pretty soon it will seem like you are hearing everyone in the media saying exactly the same things!

In this instance the Republicans got caught with their pants down, letting the country get attacked on 9/11. So they immediately started the usual response. A coordinated campaign to smear the opposition – in this case blaming Clinton for letting it happen (as well as other efforts, like blaming multiculturism, etc.) – combined with a coordinated campaign to make Bush look like the hero, saving us from the mess Clinton got us into. Ignore what they say and look at what they do. See the forest. It works every time.

Update – the PR CAMPAIGN article mentioned above can still be found here.