People vs Powerful

The press is playing up a Gore vs Lieberman debate over whether the Democratic Party should stand for “The People vs the Powerful,” as Gore worded it, or follow Lieberman’s position: “The people versus the powerful unfortunately left that track and gave a different message, which may have been caused by the pressure that the Nader campaign was giving us,” Mr. Lieberman said, referring to Ralph Nader, the Green Party candidate. “But I think it was not the New Democratic approach.”

I think Lieberman hit the nail on the head, but completely missed the point. There IS pressure from the Greens and it is there for a reason – too many people feel that the Democratic Party has stopped supporting their interests. If the Democratic Party isn’t going to stand up for the people vs. the powerful, then the Green Party is going to get the votes. It’s called “losing your base”. Look what happened in 2000 – enough of the left of the Democratic Party voted Green instead of Democrat.

If you want to be Republicans, than just BE a Republican, but don’t try to tell Democrats they shouldn’t stand up for “The People vs The Powerful.”