Today’s Google Experiment

Salon debunks the story about Gore trying to get free Springsteen tickets. Just another lie. This is a tree.

Here’s the forest: Does anyone remember the May, 1993 Clinton $200 Haircut story? The story was that President Clinton held up all traffic at LAX for 45 minutes while his plane sat on the runway and he got a haircut that cost $200. This story helped shape public attitudes about his new administration, coming 4 months after he took office.

Except that it never happened. (Scan this story for the word “haircut.”) SOMEone sent FAXes with this story to newspapers and radio stations across the country. Further faxes claimed to be from passengers who missed flights. Some even claimed to be from people who missed funerals, etc. This was a very well-coordinated and very effective smear job – a sign of things to come.

Google Experiment: Click here to go to Google and search on the keywords “clinton haircut runway” and see how many press articles, etc. you can find that refer to this smear as fact. Remember, it not only never happened, but very quickly was shown to be phony. This one is cute.

You’ll see a lot more stories like the Springsteen Ticket story as the Presidential campaign gets going. The stories are trees. See the forest. See the bigger picture. Learn how it’s done so you don’t fall for it yourself.