The Daily Enron has an opinion piece by Stephen Pizzo that is worth reading. It’s another “Are the Democrats ready to step up to the plate?” piece. From the piece:

“Down in Louisiana, scandal-hardened voters have a saying when they change control of the state legislature from one party to the other: “It was just time to let the fat hogs out and the lean hogs in.”

American voters are tired of feeding hogs of any political persuasion. It’s just gotten too expensive. So, if Democrats are going to sweep the November races they are going to start now by not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Walking the walk will mean pursuing true progressive reforms for both government and corporations, even if doing so offends some contributors who may deserve a good offending anyway. Voters are looking for anything but politics as usual. Democrats will have to prove themselves capable of delivering on that desire or risk turning off voters who will respond by simply staying at home next November rather wasting another vote on the lesser of two evils. “

Also, as you can see, I realized I should use blockquote when I’m quoting, so my posts will look better from now on. Blog evolves.